All In One Inverter 3PH, 8kW, No Battery

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The Fox All-in-one is a stylish three phase floor mounted unit. The Fox AIO uses high voltage batteries for maximum round-trip efficiency, ensuring you get the most our of your storage. The IP65 rated enclosure allows the unit to be installed outdoors for maxumum installation flexibility.

The Fox AIO is easy to install and will save you time spent on installation. Remote monitoring is also avalible via your smartphone or web portal.

  • Uses high voltage batteries FE-HV2600
  • IP65 rated – suitable for outdoor installations
  • Remote monitoring via web portal or smartphone
  • Easy to expand battery capacity
  • Dual MPPT – ensure optimal solar production
  • High round-trip efficiency of 97%

CT Clamp is included in the box

FE-HV2600-V2 ISN’T COMPATIBLE with current BMS and AIO Inverters part numbers: FE-HV-BMS, FE-AIO-H1-3.7-E, FE-AIO-H1-5.0-E, FE-AIO-H3-6.0-E, FE-AIO-H3-8.0-E, FE-AIO-H3-10.0-E