About SegenSolar

SegenSolar GmbH is a specialist PV wholesaler based in Cologne, Germany. Under the management of Andrew Garcia, SegenSolar has been distributing photovoltaic systems and components in Germany, Benelux and other neighbouring European countries since 2015.

Our sales team, led by Ute Wimmers, has many years of experience working in the PV industry and they are looking forward to helping you design your next solar system. We don’t just offer you the parts – our team of experts can provide advice both before and after you buy.

The History of SegenSolar

SegenSolar was set up as the European subsidiary of Segen Ltd., the market leading British PV wholesaler founded in 2005 by Andrew Pegg. Segen Ltd. holds a 25% share of the UK solar market for systems up to 250 kWp. The group also includes SegenSolar Pty which operates in Africa. In October 2021 the Segen Group became part of Labora Holdings, the parent company of City Electrical Factors. All subsidiaries remain independent.

What Sets SegenSolar Apart

Our customers and suppliers have access to our Customer Portal which offers a comprehensive porftolio of PV products. You can check availability and prices at any time on the portal, as well as order modules, inverters, battery storage systems and other PV accessories directly from us.

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On the Portal you can plan your complete PV system as well as check product availability and compare prices. You can order solar modules, inverters, battery storage systems, mounting systems and PV accessories at attractive prices and whenever you need them.

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