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The Basics

A solar module converts sunlight into direct current (DC). At SegenSolar, you can find different PV modules in different sizes, colours and solar cell types.

Solar Module Sizes
Solar modules for grid-connected systems come in different sizes. You will find many PV modules that have 60 or 72 cells in our portfolio. The 60 cell modules are approximately 1.6m high and 1m wide, and the 72 cell modules are about 2m high and 1m wide. Which module size is best for you depends on various factors, including the available roof space.

Visually Appealing
The solar cells in a PV module don’t completely fill the solar module – there is a small gap around each solar cell. Each solar module has a backsheet which is either white, black or transparent. A black PV backsheet usually looks better as it is closer in colour to the colour of the cells, giving a more uniform appearance. You can also find different frame colours for solar modules in our portfolio – either silver or black. Depending on the appearance of the roof and the type of installation, you have the choice of which backsheet and frame colour to use for your project.

Types of Cell
A solar module consists of half cells – either 60 or 72 solar cells. The size of each cell is approximately 125mm wide and high. You will find both monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules in our portfolio.

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