Solar Inverters at SegenSolar

The Basics
Solar inverters convert the direct current generated by solar modules into alternating current which enables you to use that electricity in your home or business. It’s also possible to feed the alternating current into the national grid.

Below you can find more about the different types of solar inverters. You can find more technical information and prices on the SegenSolar Customer Portal.

Single-Phase and Three-Phase Inverters
Depending on the building and situation, you can either use single-phase or three-phase inverters. Depending on which type of inverter you choose, you will be able to supply devices and appliances with the electricity generated from the solar modules.

Solar Power Optimiser
In order to increase the performance of the solar system, you have the option to use a special optimiser. These optimisers are installed between the solar module and the inverter and optimise the performance of each individual PV module or of two modules, depending on the performance of the optimiser and the solar modules. By using solar power optimisers, a solar system can always provide the maximum possible power, even under difficult conditions like shading or soiling. Each solar power optimiser contains its own Multiple Power Point Tracker (MPPT). This allows the system to optimise each module individually. With a SolarEdge system, for example, it is also possible to monitor the performance of the PV system and track performance data from each individual module.

Conventional String Inverters
In additional to optimisers, we also offer conventional string optimisers. These optimisers are ideal for systems where there will be no challenging conditions. With this type of inverter, the solar modules are connected in series or in different strings. Each string behaves just like a single, very large solar module. The inverter has one or more built-in Multiple Power Point Trackers (MPPT) that monitor and optimise the power of one or more of the strings. Compared to other optimised systems, this type of optimisation doesn’t take place at the module level, but at the string level.

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At SegenSolar, you will find a fantastic selection of the world’s leading inverter manufacturers including Solis, Enphase, SolarEdge and many more for all your inverter needs. We offer string, central and module inverters from market-leading manufacturers in various performance classes. We also offer the best inverters for battery storage solutions.

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