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High Voltage, German Technology from Lake Constance
RCT Power from Konstanz is one of the few manufacturers that has developed their own battery systems and inverters and perfectly matched them to each other. In addition, RCT Power offers exceptional service for all system components.

So Simple
The flexible storage solution from RCT Power makes design, installation and maintenance extremely simple, and retrofitting is also easy. The high-voltage battery storage system is assembled from 3 to 6 modules, each weighing 24 kg. These are easy to transport and save a lot of space when it comes to installation.

So Well Thought Out
Transport and installation can be carried out by one person. Thanks to the Plug&Play principle and RCT Power App, installation and commissioning are carried out in no time at all. The inverter is compatible with all module types.

So Brilliant
The battery storage systems were named “Top Electricity Storage Systems 2017” by the experts at the renowned German CleanTech Institute (DCTI) in cooperation with ‘Manager Magazin Online’.

About RCT Power
RCT Power GmbH is a manufacturer of inverters and stationary storage solutions for private residential and commercial installations. In Konstanz, on Lake Constance, an experienced team of power electronics experts work on innovative solutions for better and more long-term uses of solar energy.