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About Pylontech
Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd. (Pylontech) was founded in 2009 and is a global player in the storage market. With key technologies they developed themselves, alongside a commitment to energy storage systems (EES), Pylontech has been a pioneer in the global ESS market since 2013. Pylontech offers a unique vertical integration of all the necessary technologies for energy storage systems. This makes Pylontech the ideal partner for any storage system.

The US5000 48V Battery

With its low-voltage battery Pylontech sets high technical standards for the frontier of PV storage applications. These include the extremely long cycle life of the LiFePo4 (lithium iron phosphate) cell, the very high depth discharge of 95% and the high charge and discharge capacity of almost 5 kW per storage module.

The Force H2 Battery

Pylontech’s high voltage offering is similarly high-quality. With a modular design, and super easy to install, Pylontech’s Force H2 is a great choice for any installation. The battery is scalable up to 215.04 kWh with 6 groups in parallel, and compatible with top inverter brands like Solis. Available from us from 7.10kWh all the way up to 17.75kWh.


Easy Expansion
Each storage unit of the Plyontech batteries has its own BMS unit which allows an existing system to be easily upgraded. Due to the separation of the BMS units, each battery module has effective protection against negative influences such as deep and over charging, short circuiting or reverse polarity, and each offers constant monitoring of the individual cell voltages.

TÜV Certified
The PV storage units are certified according to the TÜV SÜD standard CE UN38.3. This standard is used by TÜV for testing batteries, e.g. for electric vehicles, stationary batteries or batteries for railway and marine applications. TÜV thus certifies that the storage system has particularly safe cell technology.