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Huawei, the international leader in information technology, is one of the top five inverter manufacturers. Huawei is the first Chinese company to find its place in the list of the 100 most valuable brands in the Interbrand ranking. Huawei ist not listed on the stock exchange, but is 100% privately owned by its employees, and so is not under pressure from the interests of international capital markets.

Huawei LUNA S1 Battery: the new smart energy storage system!


☀️ The new Huawei LUNA S1 offers you 6.9 kWh capacity per battery module and can easily be scaled up to 4 towers with 82.8 kWh.

☀️ The new battery makes it easy for installers: thanks to intelligent connection detection and temperature sensors, there is no need to connect any cables – the battery modules can simply be docked, saving valuable time during installation. And with just a few clicks in the FusionSolar app, the battery can be commissioned quickly and easily.

☀️ With the Huawei LUNA S1 battery you always get full power, as each battery unit can be discharged up to 100%.

☀️  A 15-year warranty offers you and your customers security and confidence.


Huawei LUNA in detail

  • 6.9 kWh usable capacity per battery module
  • Scalable from 6.9 kWh to 20.7 kWh per tower (wireless connection between the modules)
  • Up to 4 towers with 82.8 kWh for one inverter (when using the MB0 series)
  • Discharge depth: 100 % DoD
  • IP66 certification
  • Compatible with SUN2000 inverters
  • Warranty: 15 years


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