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About Trina Solar
Trina Solar is a global leader in solar technologies and solutions. The global module manufacturer’s mission is to provide the world with sustainable, clean energy and shape the future of solar power. With constant innovation and a commitment to quality, the manufacturer offers you high-performance products.

Vertex S+ – Highest Efficiency, Top Performance

The Vertex S+ series from Trina Solar is the epitome of performance and efficiency in the solar industry. Our portfolio includes Vertex S+ modules with impressive power classes of up to 440W per solar module which will always give you high yields from your PV systems.

Why Trina Solar?
Global leader: Trina Solar is recognised worldwide for innovation and quality in solar technology with sustainability in mind and is committed to minimising negative environmental impact and promoting renewable energy for a sustainable future. With over two decades of experience in solar technology, Trina Solar are pioneers in the industry and are constantly setting new standards.

What Sets Trina Solar Apart

Outstanding performance.
With power ratings of up to 440W per module, you can achieve the maximum energy yield per installed square metre.

High efficiency.
Trina modules feature high conversion efficiency, which means you convert more solar energy into electricity and maximise your yield.

Trina Solar stands for quality and durability. Trina Vertex S+ modules are designed to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions and deliver peak performance for many years.

Invest in the future with Trina Solar. The Vertex S+ module range is future-proofed to provide you with a solid foundation for your renewable energy generation.