A EVBox Group
EVBox Group was founded in 2010 in the Netherlands and is the world’s leading manufacturer of flexible and scalable charging solutions for electric vehicles. With its charging management software developed by Everon, the EVBox Group makes electric mobility accessible to everyone. The international company has already installed over 200,000 charging points and is active in over 70 countries.

Enphase MikrowechselrichterThe EVBox Elvi is a smart home charging solution with high performance and low maintenance that makes charging easier for you now and in the future.

Using Type 2 connections, you can charge your electric car with up to 22 kW in no time with the EVBox Elvi. This charging station is not only easy to install, but also has countless upgrade options. What’s more, you can track, manage and optimise the charging of your electric car with the EVBox charging management software.

10 reasons why the EVBox Elvi is the optimal charging solution for you: