About Alfen
Founded in 1937, Alfen is an international player in the electrical energy world. The company’s beginnings lie in the production of high- and low-voltage devices. Since 2007, Alfen has been developing and producing first-class EV charging stations. Currently, more than 35,000 Alfen charging stations are in operation across Europe. All charging stations are manufactured, intensively tested and certified in the Netherlands.Alfen Pro-line Webseite

First-Class Charging Stations
Alfen offers smart EV charging stations ranging from 3.7 to 22 kW for use in private, corporate and public areas. They are designed to provide maximum charging speed while ensuring local grid connectivity. All charging solutions can be managed with the Alfen management system. This gives you access to an overview of the charging processes, energy supply and a diagnosis and update function. Alternatively, you can use any OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compatible management system.

Single S-line
The Eve Single S-line offers real smart features, such as communication to other smart devices, and is designed for home charging. The compact housing has a practical LED status display and can be wall-mounted or mounted on a stand. You can easily establish an internet connection via Ethernet and thus benefit from the full range of functions.

Single Pro-line
The Alfen Eve Single Pro line was designed as a compact charging solution for private and semi-public areas and is compliant with calibration regulations according to the conformity assessment procedure. The charging station can be wall-mounted or mounted on a stand. A colour, 3.5″ display provides the user with information about the actual charging speed and other charging details. Users can easily access the charger via Plug & Charge. For companies, user authentication is via RFID cards.



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Product codeCategoriesName
ALF-S-S-LINE-11KW-3PH-16A-LEDAlfen, EV Charging, Main UnitAlfen Eve Single S-line 11kW (3-ph. 16A) with RGB LED, Tethered NO CABLE
ALF-S-PRO-LINE-11KW-3PH-16A-DISPAlfen, EV Charging, Main UnitAlfen Eve Single Pro-Line 11kW (3-ph. 16A) with Display – No Cable
ALF-S-S-LINE-11KW-3PH-16A-LED-T2Alfen, EV Charging, Main UnitAlfen Eve Single S-Line 11kW (3-ph. 16A) with RGB LED & Type 2 Socket – untethered
ALF-S-S-LINE-11KW-5M-PACKAlfen, EV Charging, Main UnitAlfen Eve Single S-line 11kW (3-ph. 16A) with RGB LED, RFID with 5m Cable with Type 2 Plug
ALF-RFID-CARDAccess Control, Alfen, EV ChargingRFID Card
ALF-PRO-CABLE-TYPE2-5MAlfen, EV Charge Cable, EV ChargingAlfen Type 2 Charging cable for Alfen Eve Single Pro-line (5m)
ALF-S-CABLE-TYPE2-5MAlfen, EV Charge Cable, EV ChargingAlfen Type 2 Charging cable for Alfen Eve Single S-line (5m)