Fox 11kW EV Charger 3PH with 5m Type 2 Cable

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Second generation Fox ESS Wallbox

  • Supplier Code: A011KP1-E-2
  • Integrated residual current sensor to prevent electrical accidents
  • Stepless surplus charging through dynamic load management
  • 2 RFID cards included in packaging, start mode and operation also via app
  • Number of charging points: 1
  • Max. Charging power: 11 kW
  • Max. Output current: 16 A
  • Charging cable included: 5m length (Type 2)
  • Communication: Bluetooth, Ethernet (optional), GPRS (optional), WLAN
  • Warranty: 3 years

Notes on installation

  • For the new installation of a Fox inverter and a EV Charger, we recommend the use of a DTSU666 Dual Meter.
  • For retrofitting an existing Fox system, we recommend the use of an additional DTSU666 Single Meter; if there is a desire to reduce the number of meters in the distribution box, a DTSU666 Dual Meter can also be used.
  • For retrofitting a system with third-party inverters, we recommend the use of a DTSU666 Single Meter.