Alfen Type 2 Charging cable for Alfen Eve Single Pro-line (5m)

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Alfen Charging cable with Type 2 Plug, 3-Phase, 5 metres required for use with ALF-PRO-LINE EV charging stations.

The EV car charging connector Type 2 is a coupler establishing the connection between the electric vehicle interface and the infrastructure side. The charging connector Type 2 is a ready for wiring which allows an direct, fast and safe connection via screw terminals, without the use of special tools. A provided resistor allows the coding of the charging cable by the selected current-carrying capacity. The car charging connector type 2 has an splash proof IP44 protection degree and a protective cover on a strap.

  • Pole configuration – L1+L2+L3+N +PE and PP+CP
  • Max current 32A for plug and cable
  • Cable size – 5x6mm + 0.5mm2
  • Cable is Flame retardancy according to IEC 60332-1, Ozone and weather resistant, Very flexible at low temperatures, Resistant to UV-rays
  • Total weight of plug and cable 2.9kg