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ESDEC is a leading global provider of mounting systems, headquartered in the Netherlands. Since 2004, ESDEC has been providing installers, distributors and EPC companies with solar mounting systems for all types of roofs, both residential and commercial. With 15 years of experience and an installed capacity of more than 7 GWp, the company is a leading supplier of PV mounting systems and operates in more than 20 countries worldwide.

FlatFix Fusion

Modular Click System
The different components allow flexible row lengths. This allows for roof-specific arrangements and, for example, being able to build around obstructions.

ESDEC FlatFix Fusion

Unique Thermal Disruption
Temperature fluctuations cause roofs and mounting systems to expand or shrink. FlatFix Fusion has a special thermal break. A movable hinge prevents friction between the base and the roof and protects the roof from damage.

Lightweight System
FlatFix Fusion is made of strong, lightweight materials. The solar modules are connected lengthwise and widthwise. This gives the mounting system extra robustness.

Easy to Install
The solar module cables and connectors can be securely and easily attached to the mounting system. This reduces installation time and increases installation quality.

  • User-friendly click system
  • Optimiser ready cable clip for easy attachment and secure cable removal
  • Optimiser clip can also be used for most micro-inverters

20 Year Warranty

The patented FlatFix Fusion system has been extensively tested for fire safety, wind resistance and corrosion. FlatFix Fusion is a high-quality mounting system which meets the most stringent international standards and comes with a 20 year warranty.

ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof

Super Fast Mounting
With ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof you can easily mount solar modules on all sloping tile roofs. Thanks to the universal design, this system works much faster than other mounting systems.

Practical Hook and Click System
ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof consists of a practical hook and click system. This eliminates the need to drill into the roof substructure. You then click the rails into the roof hooks and just need to screw on the solar modules.

Strong and ReliableESDEC ClickFit EVO
ClickFit EVO tiled roof is made of high-quality aluminium and Magnelis steel. This type of steel has a longer service life, is particularly corrosion-resistant and has a self-regenerating coating.

Installed in Four Steps

  1. Hook the roof hook into the roof structure, or screw the rafter hook into place
  2. Attach the mounting rails horizontally or vertically using the self-aligning joint
  3. Set up the optimiser (if required) and secure cables securely in the cable duct
  4. Attach the solar modules with the universal module clamps, put on the end caps and you are done!

20 Year Warranty
ClickFit EVO meets all applicable requirements and standards. ClickFit EVO comes with a unique warranty of up to 20 years, guaranteeing the quality of the system.