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About SolarEdge
SolarEdge was founded in 2006 and is the leader in the power optimiser market with a market share of over 70%. The company has shipped more than 5.6 million optimsers and 245 thousand inverters to over 40 countries worldwide. Our SolarEdge product portfolio includes inverters, power optimisers, current sensors and the Safety & Monitoring Interface, as well as other accessories.SolarEdge HD-Wave ohne Display

SolarEdge’s complete solutions for solar energy harvesting and PV monitoring offer an additional yield of up to 25% for solar installations for both domestic and business customers, as well as an equally high return on investment.

SolarEdge HD-Wave Technology
The single-phase inverters are based on the latest SolarEdge innovation – HD-Wave technology. Thanks to this new technology, the size and weight of the inverters have been considerably reduced. The devices achieve a record efficiency of 99%. You will find the “inverter of the future” in our portfolio and it is available in four different sizes: 2.2 kW, 3 kW, 3.5 kW and 3.6 kW.

Optimal Performance on Your Roof
The SolarEdge photovoltaic inverters are specially designed to work with the SolarEdge power optimisers. Because MPPT tracking and current management are controlled separately for each individual solar module, the inverter is only responsible for converting the current. This results in a highly efficient and sustainable system. The efficiency of the solar system with solar edge products is over 97%.

Solar Inverters with Storage Devices
SolarEdge inverters can also be used with AC coupled battery systems. You can get the StorEdge system from SolarEdge to go with it as well.