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Enphase Logo

Enphase Energy: The American Micro-Inverter Manufacturer

Who is Enphase?
Enphase is a global company that provides energy technology for smart, easy-to-use solutions that combine solar power generation, storage and management all in one platform. The company has revolutionised the solar industry with its micro-inverter technology and produces the world’s only truly integrated solar and storage solution. To date, Enphase has shipped approximately 17 million micro-inverters to more than 760,000 systems and to over 110 countries.Enphase IQ7

IQ 7 and IQ 7+
The two available micro-inverters that Enphase offers are the IQ 7 for 60 cell modules and the IQ 7+ for both 60 and 72 cell modules. Both offer output ratings of 240VA and 290VA respectively, as well as IP 67 protection. The IQ series for residential and commercial systems comes with an industry-leading maximum 25 year warranty.

MPP Tracking at the Module Level
Individual tracking at the module level ensures maximum efficiency and a high energy yield for the entire system. Module arrays can be optimally adapted to the building architecture, extended as required and losses due to shading reduced to a minimum. Another advantage is that the time consuming system planning that needs to happen for conventional systems is no longer necessary.

The Enphase IQ system was developed with the aim of getting the best performance out of every solar module. The micro-inverters convert the power of each solar module directly into AC current for daily use, which is the main difference – and also the main advantage – compared to other conventional inverters. The extremely low return rate of 1:10,000 underlines the system’s reliability.

The Advantages of Enphase

  • Optimised for high performance modules
  • More than 1 million accumulated test hours
  • Tracking and monitoring at the module level
  • Class II enclosure with double insulation
  • Meets low voltage ride through (LVRT) requirements for dynamic grid support
  • Remote updating to adapt to changing grid requirements