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About Easee
Easee was founded by 3 friends in Norway in 2018 with the vision to shape the power grid of the future with the world’s smartest and most user-friendly chargers for e-cars. In 2020, Easee has delivered over 69,000 chargers to 16 different countries and achieved a turnover of over 38.5 million Euros. Easee cites its team, which has grown to more than 60 employees in Norway, as well as around 10 in the UK and a partner organisation in Germany and the Netherlands within 3 years, as an important factor in its success.

Compact. Intelligent. Powerful.
The charging stations are compact and, at 1.5 kg, real lightweights. They are extremely easy and quick to install. They offer a charging power of up to 22 kW, plus a fully dynamic single or three-phase connection option and a 3 year warranty. Up to 3 charging stations can be connected to one fuse and, with sufficient power, up to 3 cars can be charged simultaneously. Per fuse, Easee charging stations can perform dynamic load balancing of up to 101 units.

Compatible. Expandable. Robust.
The Easee Home charging stations are compatible with all electric car brands and with all charging cables through Type 2 connectors, as well as offering simple expansion options. Charging stations can start with an AC station and be expanded with additional devices as required. With an IP54 moisture protection rating, they can be installed either outside or inside.

Easee products are sustainably designed and manufactured using minimal materials. They are no bigger than a shoebox, saving several kilos of copper and plastic per unit.

Super Safe
With built-in overload protection (EN IEC 61851-1:2019) and built-in RCD for ground fault protection, an impact resistance of IK08, flammability rating of UL94, insulation class II and overvoltage category III – you’re always on the safe side with Easee.

Advantages of the Easee Home Charging Station

  • 10 x Fast Charging
    With Easee Home you can charge up to 10 times (3ph connection) faster than with a normal socket. The charger always charges the e-vehicle with the maximum available power.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing
    Easee Charge enables dynamic load balancing of up to 101 units per backup – even without a connection to the cloud. Easee Home allows load balancing of up to 3 units per fuse – all wirelessly.
  • Sustainable
    Easee charging stations are up to 69% smaller than comparable chargers. They weigh only 1.5kg and are no bigger than a shoebox. This means Easee saves the environment several kilos of copper and plastic per unit!
  • 22 kW Power
    The Easee charging stations can be charged in single-phase and three-phase mode with up to 22 kW of power. They have a standard Type 2 charging connection.